The realities of culture and human behavior are my passions, especially in our rapidly evolving, technology-enabled present. I unveil truths behind emerging marketplaces that help organizations achieve greater success. I understand how much good insight can transform entrepreneurial and creative trajectories, and strive to uncover the best possible information from the least obvious places. With truths in hand, I also help develop strategies and tactics to mobilize resources and guide transformative action.


I'm a socio-cultural / applied anthropologist and futurist who specializes in modern material cultures and emerging technology spaces.


Currently available for freelance or contract work in the following areas:


- Marketing research and strategy

- Design and user experience research

- Ethnographic and applied anthropology research

- User experience and usability research

- Content development, writing and editing

- Social media coordination and evangelism

- Community development and management


Please see my LinkedIn for up-to-date information and resumes! I also publish on Medium. 

You can also find me on Quora (I am a Top Writer) and Pinterest where I collect knowledge and beauty.

I have recently founded HireWisdom, a social impact creative think tank. 

I am also an extraterrestrial #Disclosure contact activist and advocate, co-founder of The Disclosure Activists